The cosy and welcoming Shinok restaurant, located in Year 1905 Street in Moscow, was opened in 1997 by Andrey Dellos – and immediately became one of the Russian capital`s most popular fine dining venues. Shinok`s roster of legendary world visitors runs through from Vivienne Westwood and Carole Bouquet  through to the Rolling Stones rock group.

The famous aspect all visitors remember about Shinok are the interiors – an eco-loft based around Slavic motifs, in which there is a glassed-off atrium with peacocks, a cow, and various other barnyard animals. The true highlight of the restaurant is its sumptuous East-Slavic cuisine, specially prepared by the Chef Elena Nikiforova. The authentic flavours of the food are achieved by sourcing all of the ingredients from farm produce – Shinok`s menu could act as a geographic guide to Russia`s best farms – and are set off by the elegant, contemporary presentation. Shinok`s location across the road from the ExpoCentre and International Trade Centre makes it the perfect location for any kind of business occasion, a weekday lunch in a calm and laid-back atmosphere, or a rousing celebratory end to the working week. Shinok is a great place to spend some quality time with your kids – especially at the weekend, when the restaurant offers special thematic children`s parties and participatory workshops. It`s a place where you`re sure to find an unchanged, warm, family atmosphere. It`s always a delight for us to welcome you here.

The Chef

When the lady rules the restaurant’s kitchen …

No tiny detail – whatever inconspicuous it may be – will escape her gaze, as in culinary art, like in any other, any detail may become the centre of attention. Every leaf of lettuce on the plate, the shape and colour of this plate, the moment the plate appears on the table in front of the guest… There are plenty of details to master — and a true professional should know how to bend them all to his or her will.

She is able to express her love to her job in both the taste of a dish and its name, in the menu composition and product selection. Love is seen as an important part of culinary formulae, a means and a method at the same time. Who knows – this word may have entered all of her recipes already.

Shinok’s kitchen has been headed by the lady – Elena Nikiforova – since 2008. She used to cook for highly ranking officers of the Russian Armed Forces Central Command, staff of the Main Department Store, would-be-diplomats and their tutors from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, and professors the Moscow State University. Elena joined Shinok in 2000 when she took over the position of Sous-chef. Now  she is a strict supervisor of several dozens of cooks. She continuously delivers workshops for the youth, as she firmly believes that she would never want to get completely satisfied with herself and stop in her professional development which would be a mistake. Therefore she carries on learning from the best chefs of Russia and Europe.