Cold appetizers


atlantic herring, green Apple, egg, whole grain bread

620 rub.
Herring with baked potatoes
490 rub.
Pancakes «Shinok» with red caviar
790 rub.
Вlack caviar
2800 rub.
Red caviar
990 rub.
Jelly meat
490 rub.
Suckling pig under the press
690 rub.
Salted salmon
960 rub.
Сold smoked fish muksun
690 rub.
A plate of fish gastronomy

hot smoked sea bass , salted salmon, cold smoked fish muksun

2100 rub.
A plate of meat gastronomy

roll of suckling pig, beef tongue, cold baked pork, baked beef

1900 rub.
Cold baked pork
490 rub.
Beef tongue
590 rub.

lards, forshmak, smoked pig, salad Olivier, herring with baked potatoes, white mushrooms, pickles, salmon, caviar made of roasted vegetables, jelly meat, homemade adjika

2990 rub.
Fresh vegetable
650 rub.
Cheese plate
1490 rub.


Salad “Kherson”

Tomatoes, fragrant oil, Crimean onion

650 rub.
Salad “Olivier”

«Olivier» salad is a traditional salad in Russian cuisine

660 rub.
Herring under a fur coat

salad with herring and boiled vegetables, green apple, mayonnaise

630 rub.
Еeggplants as mushrooms

marinated eggplant, onion, melon, roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, greens, mayonnaise

460 rub.
Green salad with crabs

mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, croutons, sesame, sauce “Travnitsa”, olive oil and balsamic

1900 rub.
Beet salad with goat cheese

lettuce, garden beets roasted in the oven, goat cheese dressed with beet sauc

590 rub.


Assortment of the finest lards
950 rub.
Lard stewed in  honey
230 rub.
Salted lard
230 rub.
Smoked lard
230 rub.
Pocherevok (pork belly)
230 rub.
Smalez (minced lard)        
230 rub.


Assorted pickled and cured vegetables
710 rub.
Assorted salted mushrooms
790 rub.
Pickled white mushrooms
520 rub.
Selected white mushrooms
590 rub.
Assorted marinades
590 rub.
Cured cucumber with honey
280 rub.
Mild-cured cucumbers with spices
250 rub.
210 rub.
Pickled watermelon
210 rub.
Marinated plum
190 rub.
Pepper and honey
250 rub.
Sliced marinated cucumbers
160 rub.
Marinated tomatoes
320 rub.
Salad of the Dnieper
210 rub.

Home-made baked pies

Pie stuffed with beef
110 rub.
Pie stuffed with mushrooms
130 rub.
Pie stuffed with cabbage
110 rub.

Hot appetizers

A dozen crayfish
1800 rub.
«Deruny» – potato pancakes
450 rub.
Baked eggplant with adjika
510 rub.
Blood sausage
690 rub.
Julienne with mushrooms
620 rub.
Fried potatoes with mushrooms
780 rub.
Fried potatoes with chanterelles
690 rub.


Dumplings with poppy seeds
490 rub.
Dumplings with meat in chicken broth

chicken, pork, chicken broth, sour cream

490 rub.
Dumplings with meat “Zakarpatskye”

chicken, pork, sauce of mushrooms  and cheese

690 rub.
Dumplings with potato and mushrooms

potato puree, mushrooms, cracklings, sour cream

590 rub.
Dumplings with white mushrooms

white mushrooms, sour cream

790 rub.

Dumplings with cherry
cherry, sour cream

590 rub.


Ukrainian “Borsch”
650 rub.
Peas soup with smoked meat
490 rub.
Chicken  noodle soup
480 rub.


Salmon shashlyk
1290 rub.
Chicken shashlyk
790 rub.
Pork shashlik
850 rub.
Rack of lamb
1900 rub.
Pink veal shashlik
980 rub.
Ribeye steak
3900 rub.
Mignon steak
2100 rub.

Main course

Roast from forest mushrooms

fried porcini, boletus, chanterelles, potatoes, marinated cucumber, sour cream with garlic and herbs

890 rub.
Home made pork sausage

home made pork sausage with garlic sauce

690 rub.
Muksun fish cutlet

white fish muksun, potato puree, pickled marrow squash, and lemon

890 rub.
“Cowboy” cutlet

beef, mutton, pork, chicken, homemade flat cake mini-vegetables, fried potatoes

920 rub.
Chicken Kiev cutlet

chicken chest, potato, grapes

1100 rub.
Baked codfish

back of codfish, baked in a paper bag with vegetables and green sauce

860 rub.
Home-made rabbit

rabbit, carrot puree, potato puree and cream sauce

960 rub.

baked potatoes and tomatoes, pancakes, red caviar, sauce tar-tar

920 rub.

beef tenderloin, mushrooms, cream, potato puree

920 rub.
Rabbit in cream sauce for two persons

stewed in its own juices with vegetables, the front and hind legs of a rabbit, baked in the oven in a creamy sauce, served with steamed spinach, carrots, zucchini and green peas

2900 rub.
Meat dish for two persons

duck leg, Pozharsky cutlet, Cowboy cutlet, pork loin, Beef-stroganoff, potatoes, pickled vegetables

3900 rub.
Roast Duck

Duck stewed with onions, apple and sun dried cranberries, fried potatoes, baked apples

1390 rub.
Leg of suckling pig

baked leg of suckling pig, stewed cabbage with prune

1900 rub.
Chicken with omelets

chicken with omelets and adjika

1890 rub.
Pork and chicken dolma

pork, chicken and rice in grape leaves, creamy kefir sauce

890 rub.

Side dishes

Grilled potatoes
260 rub.
Mashed potatoes
220 rub.
Grilled vegetables
630 rub.


80 rub.
Tomato spicy
80 rub.
80 rub.
150 rub.
80 rub.
80 rub.
150 rub.
100 rub.


Dumplings with poppy seeds
490 rub.
Kiev cake
590 rub.
Nalistniki with cottage cheese
490 rub.
Nalistniki with poopy seeds
490 rub.
Honey cake
390 rub.
Pancake “Shinok” (3 items)
310 rub.

cream, chocolate, pistachio, halva, caramel with biscuit

250 rub.
Home-made sorbet

blackcurrant, strawberry-basilica

250 rub.

Fruits and berry

200 rub.
300 rub.
300 rub.
450 rub.
690 rub.
180 rub.

Home-made jams

Pine-cones jam
290 rub.
Blackcurrant jam
95 rub.
Cherry jam
95 rub.
Wild blueberries jam
95 rub.
Honey with pine needle
170 rub.
Strawberry jam
290 rub.
Apricots jam with almonds
190 rub.
Quince jam
190 rub.