Lunches in the family circle

Shinok restaurant is famous for its family feasts. Homemade cuisine and warm atmosphere in the restaurant appeal to all generations: kids, parents and grandparents. Here, the wedding, christening, anniversary and birthday parties for children and adults are traditionally celebrated in a warm family circle, or just heartwarming family lunches are held.

On the weekends and holidays, there is a special ‘Kids menu’ available for the children and a special offer ‘Family Lunch’ for the adults.

Welcome to Shinok with all your family members!

On Saturdays and Sundays, from 2pm to 8pm, our lovely nanny will take care of your children. Every day is full of different entertainments: games, contests, quests, and creative workshops.

The restaurant’s unique feature and a business card is a countryside nature corner in the atrium, which is home to peacocks, pheasants, hens, a calf, a goat, rabbits and other animals.

If you are planning to get together with your family in Shinok restaurant, we do recommend to pay attention to our special offer: ‘Razguliay’ unlimited drinks at a fixed price and ‘Crayfish’ at a very nice price.

Welcome to Shinok with all your family members!